China ULT Freezer Manufacturer for Wholesale and OEM Supply at -60℃ Temperature

Qingdao Carebios Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of ULT (ultra-low temperature) Freezers, designed to meet the highest standards of the biotechnology industry. Our -60℃ ULT Freezers are widely used in various sectors of science research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and clinical applications. Our -60℃ ULT Freezers are designed with advanced technology, ensuring reliable and stable performance, with high energy-saving standards. Our Freezers have a user-friendly interface, and the temperature controller is easy to configure and use. This makes it easier to maintain temperature accuracy, and the temperature can be controlled within the range of -40℃ to -86℃. Our advanced -60℃ ULT freezers feature high-quality, non-toxic, and environment-friendly insulation materials to ensure doors with a high sealing rate and close tightly. This results in maintaining stable and accurate temperatures, and reliably storing valuable biological samples for long periods. In conclusion, Qingdao Carebios Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is proud to make China known in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting high-quality -60℃ ULT Freezers to clients around the world. Get in touch with us today for more information.
  • The -60℃ ULT Freezer is the perfect solution for labs and medical facilities that require a reliable and efficient long-term storage solution for important samples. With its advanced insulation and temperature control system, this freezer can maintain temperatures as low as -60℃, ensuring your samples remain safe and stable for extended periods of time. The -60℃ ULT Freezer features a robust build quality and multifunctional design that makes it ideal for storage of a wide range of samples such as vaccines, biological samples, enzymes, nucleic acid, and other critical materials. This freezer is designed with stringent energy efficiency standards, ensuring that it consumes minimal power while delivering optimal performance levels. One of the most significant benefits of the -60℃ ULT Freezer is its compact size. It has a small footprint yet provides ample storage capacity to accommodate up to 420 liters in its interior space. The freezer also features a user-friendly interface, allowing you to set and monitor the temperature and alarm settings with ease. Overall, the -60℃ ULT Freezer is an essential investment for any facility that requires a robust, reliable, and energy-efficient -60℃ freezer solution for long-term sample storage. With its advanced features and compact build, it is a practical and economical solution that will deliver reliable performance for years to come.
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